Social Media Marketing and Its Effectiveness in 2018

Marketing is the only way to let people know of your brand. Marketing can be done by many ways, but social media marketing is the most effective one. Social media marketing is the efficient way of positioning your product in the minds of the customers. Nowadays, there is no brand who is not taking help of social media to market their products. The main focus of any company is on the changing needs and wants of the customers. Once the marketers come to know about the wants of the customers, they target their customers accordingly. According to a survey conducted on social media marketing, 97% of the companies use social media to market their products.

Today is the world of social media. Young generations are all the time active on their social media. They see and perceive the world through their social applications. Social media marketing has proved to be an effective way of promoting our products and businesses to the outside world. The more the companies spend on the right marketing of their products, the more they get in return from their customers in the form of sales. The purpose of marketing is to increase profit by increasing sales. The daily active users on social media counts to billions, which means you are introducing your product to a huge audience. And that will definitely increase sales. Hence, it is an intelligent decision to market your products using social media.

Why Dominos is focusing on Social Media Marketing?

Like many other top famous fast food brands, dominos is also taking help of social media marketing in order to increase their customers. They know what their customers want from them and they never fail to amaze them with such amazing food. Back then, there was a little recognition of Dominos in the world of fast food industry. The leading competitors did not ever let them come forward. But with the advancement in the social media, they made their name in the fast food industry. Dominos took help of social media marketing to position its products into the minds of the customers. And, today without a doubt, it is a well known brand.

AnyWare Campaign

Domino’s Pizza launched their AnyWare campaign back in 2011, which made it a lot easier for people to order pizza. With the help of this campaign anyone could order a pizza through their smart phones, smart TVs, and even with a single tweet. This helped them increase their number of customers.

Customer Feedback

The brand owners cannot go and talk to every customer to get to know about their likes and dislikes related to the food they offer. Social media is yet another way of customer feedback e.g buying Twitter Followers From Tweetnfollow. Dominos did not only focus on the marketing of their products but its focus was also on what people think of its products.

Customer satisfaction and customer retention

The aim of any brand is to provide value and satisfaction to its customers, and to retain them for longer periods of time. The only way to do this is to focus on what the customers want, instead of focusing on what you want for your customer.